Website design for Kent Schools

Pixsion Design, based locally in Canterbury, provide professional website design services for Schools across Kent.

We Provide:
Full bespoke design to suit your School’s brand.
Full mobile compatibility + the features your School needs.
Face to face meetings to develop the site and training on our easy to use website admin area.
Ongoing support for your staff after the website goes live.

We Are:
Experienced in working directly with local Schools.
Knowledgeable about what a School requires from it’s website and how to achieve this.
Proud of our long term relationships with the schools we work with.

School Website Examples


Additional Services

We also offer additional services to support your schools brand, communication and marketing.


We offer photography sessions to really capture life within your School.

Use our photos across your new website and School literature. They also look great framed and hung around the School building.

Prospectus Design and more

We provide professional design services for your School literature, including;

  • Prospectus - digital or printed.
  • Stationery and Report Folders.
  • Newspaper Adverts and Wraps.
  • Newsletters and more.

Print Services

We can arrange the printing of any stationary / marketing material for your School, including;

  • Prospectus Printing
  • Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • School Signage
  • and more...


What's the Cost?

We create websites are built to last and don’t cost as much as you may think.

Our custom designed School websites start at just £1800 (ex VAT).

if you like the sound of that...School Website Design Costs